This site used to be a blog, but since that’s no longer a thing I’ve replaced it an eclectic collection of projects I consider worthy of sharing, yet unworthy of wide publication.

A little bit about me. I began my career in television as an editor for a nightly news program and then edited documentaries. During the 1990s I found the pull of technology irresistible. I got my hands on a beta version of Avid/1, Avid’s first nonlinear editor. From then on my interest in television focused on how media technology can improve workflows and contribute to the art of storytelling.

I’ve quenched my creative thirst since then through photography, freelance motion graphics, and magazine writing. Since only photography never paid and never had a deadline, it’s the artistic endeavor I continue to enjoy. I continue to teach video design and motion graphics at Boston University because the students give me a reason to keep my skills sharp without having to submit an invoice. My physical thirst is quenched with craft beer and water.

This site will either be perpetually under construction or abandoned because it serves no commercial purpose. I work full time at a job in private equity that I enjoy. When they get tired of me, or I them, I’ll retire to my home on the beautiful Maine coast watch the tides do their thing, and communicate with the outside world exclusively through cat memes.